Extended Play Instruments’ Tales

My extended play is out on Bandcamp! It consists of six pieces, most of which are solo works.


Serenade to Serenity – Performed by Marlène Cassar

Brooding Butterfly – Performed by Nathalie Bonin

Ballad to the Valley – Performed by Jared De Leon, David Marteinson, myself, and Nathalie Bonin

Clock Waltz – Performed by Nathalie Bonin and myself

Snowfall – Performed by Jared De Leon, David Marteinson, Daniel Pedroza and myself.

Lonely Musings for Clarinet – Performed by Dave Pollack

Sheet music :

Serenade to Serenity


Brooding Butterfly


Lonely Musings for Clarinet


Nathalie Bonin playing the first 30 seconds of Brooding Butterfly: