Sophie Jupillat Posey lives in Maitland, FL. She is a Rollins College alumna with a Major in English/Creative Writing and Minor in Music.

Sophie has been playing the piano for 16 years. Classically trained, she went on to study other musical genres, including jazz, world, folk and rock music. Sophie is a versatile composer, willing to experiment with any genre. Her primary strengths are orchestral, choral and piano works. Her compositional skills are self-taught.

In the past, she has worked on multiple projects for clients, including short films and youtube videos. She is seeking to broaden her experience, by composing for more film directors and anyone in need of serious, professional composing for any project.

For her own projects and her clients’, she uses live players for maximum sound quality and/or professional plug in instruments from her software Logic Pro X.

She is a composer for the OC Music CO Licensing library. Her profile and approved tracks can be found here: https://ocmusicco.sourceaudio.com/#!composer?id=2602848

Sophie has had her musical works published in various magazines:

  • Waltz of the Romanovs (Russian Waltz)- Cahoodaloodaling magazine
  • Simmering Soul, Embrace of the Past, The Unnamed Waltz  (piano and small chamber works) – Art Saves Lives International
  • Remembrance of a Waltz (Russian Waltz) – Masque and Spectacle magazine
  • Dirge for a Mother Daughter Bond (choral piece) – Art Saves Lives International
  • Jazz Fusion Bolero (jazz piece) -Cahoodaloodaling magazine
  • Waltz of the Romanovs folk (folk version of my classical waltz of the same name) – Rocky Mountain Revival
  • Slow Temptation (small chamber work) – Golden Walkman Magazine
  • Chanson d’Amour (guitar and synth piece), Fairies’ Song for the Deceased (synth piece), A Troubled Prince (orchestral work) – The Peacock Journal